Things to Avoid

  • Boilers should not be installed inside the places where humans live and work.
  • Don’t forget to keep boiler the outlet and inlet valves open at all times. If boiler is operated with these valves closed, it might over heat and eventualy explosions may occur.
  • Never forget to feed the system with water to operational levels before use. If a boiler is operated without water , it could overheat pretty quickly.
  • Never feed water to the boiler when boiler is hot and/or while it is working.
  • Do not ignore the lime factor in water.
  • It is not suggested to use plastic pipes in the plumbing.
  • The water in system should not be discharged when the system is not working nor needed for awhile. Frequent changes of water in boiler could cause lime to cover interiors of the boiler. This decreases the life time of boiler and ancillaries drastically and might lead to leaks over time.
  • Don’t install a closed expansion tank to a solid fuel boiler without the precaustions fulfilled as stated in the standards. Use open expansion tank instead.
  • Don’t let the expansion tank to freeze.