Magnet Filterball

Magnet Filterball

Ball Valve with strainer & magnet

  • Easy cleaning, no tools needed.
  • Replaceable stainless-steel strainer, mesh size 600 μm.
  • Bar magnet, induction 12 000 Gs.
  • Female threads G 3/4” to G 2”.


The ball valve may be installed horizontally (magnet facing up- or downwards) or vertically. The flow direction marked by an arrow on the valve housing shall be always respected.


  • Close the ball valve.
  • Unscrew the plug with magnet by hand (Fig. 1).
  • Pull out the strainer and remove impurities from both the magnet and strainer (Fig. 2).
  • Reassemble after cleaning (Fig. 3).
  • Open the ball valve.