Combo Series

Dual Fuel Gasification Boilers

The new Combo series has been developed as an efficient and economical dual fuel system for wood logs and wood pellet users.

Unlike many boilers in the market, Combo series features vertical heat exchanger tubes just before flue gas outlet, further increasing gains of energy before it was exhausted.

Simple yet effective, Pellet burner of Combo series are placed so smartly that it can be easily removed, maintained and installed in minutes. Smart control panel also enables auto-switch fuel feature. Combo can automatically switch to its pellet burner when there is no more woods inside the chamber or if user feeds the boiler with wood logs even during pellet burner is active.

All Combo series are equipped with emergency flush system which activates when loss of electric or circulation pump malfunction and similar situations to enable instant cool down of the system.

This product will come soon.